Your mother would love to own a Pendant Set! But she will never tell you that

It is true! Every woman has a weakness for jewelleries. It is inappropriate to state such type of weaknesses as negative. Different women like jewelleries for a different reason. Not always do they have to wear it and display in public. Sometimes owning is itself a feeling of joy. Your mother may just have this same feeling about jewelleries. But, she will never ask you for one.

You know, how much your mother means to you. The day she is unable to prepare your tiffin are the days you miss her the most. In fact for any person mother is the most important part of their life.

How your mother ideally spends her day

She is the first person to wake up. She prepares herself in the most modest way. She would have loved to wear bangles and necklaces and probably an anklet too simply to admire herself but it is not so. She knows she has to prepare a meal with love only for your breakfast followed by the tiffin for your lunch. She takes care of all your belongings and prepares you carefully for your day.

When you are not at home she is the one who misses you more than anyone. There are mothers who also gave up their profession so that they can leave no gap in the well being of their children. They could have easily dressed themselves up well in various forms of jewelleries like the gold plated necklaces or bangles and moved out of home to have fun with their friends, but she never does that.

Towards the evening she gently offers a prayer and calmly waits for your arrival. She also cooks dinner for you and your family and this is her same routine every day.

The reason why she would love a pendant set

Simplicity is what will make her fall in love with a pendant set. Traditional women understood jewelleries to be of particularly one form. However, they also love the new designs that are not too complicated. A simple pendant set will be a perfect idea if you are looking forward to surprising her. The reason is a pendant is something new for her and at the same time it matches her taste and ethics of wearing a simple it beautiful ornament.

A person feels more motivated to be in a particular position only if they are inspired and appreciated for the work they deliver. Your mother holds a very important position in your family. She might have many dreams and demands but don’t forget, she will never tell you that.