Which Jewellery Pieces are Ideal for the Wedding Guest?

Weddings are the events where everyone is dressed from top to toe. With so many wedding invitations lined up, you might be confused about the kind of look you should sport. You should always make it a point that your outfit and jewelley is always in sync. You can easily create different looks by mixing and matching your jewellery with various outfits. By going through the points mentioned below, you can get an idea about the jewellery pieces which should be a part of your collection.


A necklace is ideal to create a statement look at any wedding event. If you are planning to sport a traditional look then you can opt for a gold-plated necklace. If you are looking for something different then you can opt for a Kundan necklace. The red, white and green stone embellishments will surely help you to look outstanding. Depending on your taste and preference, you should decide on the style of the necklace.


If you are not fond of wearing heavy necklaces, then you can easily opt for a pair of chunky earrings. You can opt for a pair of studs if you are planning to wear a heavy necklace. You can opt for a stone embellished earring in order to add the right amount of glitter to your look. You can also opt for the traditional jhumkas if you want to look ethereal. If you are planning to look classy yet beautiful, you can always opt for a dainty pearl earring.


A chunky bangle can completely transform your look. You can add a lot of glamour to your look by wearing the perfect bangles. A pair of Kundan bangles is ideal because it can add the necessary amount of sparkle to your look. You can also opt for gold-plated bangles if you want to look traditional.


If you are not comfortable in wearing bangles, then you can always opt for a pretty bracelet. Bracelets can be worn with all kinds of traditional outfits and it makes the wearer look stylish.

Nose Pins

You can easily sport a stylish nose pin and make all the heads turn. Nose pins are very much in fashion and it suits almost every woman. You can create a bold style statement by opting for a chunky nose pin.

While attending a wedding as a guest, you should make sure that you do not add too much of jewellery because it can ruin your look. You should always try to strike a balance and you can also experiment with your jewellery, if you want.