What You Should Not Do With Your Engagement Ring to Preserve It as a Sign of Love

You must have read about the things which you should do to your engagement rings w to keep them intact for long years. But you may not know that there are some point too which suggests the things which you should not do with your ring that has been gifted by your special person on the day of the engagement. There are many points which you should remember to make sure the engagement ring does not wear out soon and you can keep it for many years. After all it is the first sign of love!

You may have learnt about the positive things for your engagement ring, but now in this blog you will read about the negative sides or the things which you should not do with your engagement ring.

Never Neglect It

It is a must for you to take proper care of the engagement ring which has been gifted by your special person on the day of your wedding or the day of your engagement too. Never neglect the importance of the ring which is the sing of love for your married life. It is as important as you take care of yourself. Try to be careful while doing any kind of work with your engagement ring. If needed you may also take off the ring from your finger while you do any heavy job. But do not take it off on a regular basis as it may turn loose on your hands.

Never Let It Be Too Dirty

Cleaning your engagement ring will be very difficult if it gets too dirty. Try to clean the ring once a while like for example once or twice a week. Rings of different materials have different cleaning systems of which you must be aware of. You must also know the measures to be taken care of while you are cleaning your precious engagement ring.

Never Change the Size of the Ring More Than Once

The ring may wear out after continuous use and of it is important for you to resize once a while to get back the original size of the ring. But you should also remember that the ring must not be resized more times because it may damage the ring and it may wear out soon. Try not to make the ring too tight on your ring; it might sore your finger.

Never Store It Recklessly

Always try to store the engagement ring of yours at a safe and secured place. If you are opening the ring for cleaning it is important that you store the ring at a place where air will not come in contact with the ring. Make sure you have a separate box for keeping the engagement ring at place. For making the ring scratch proof it is essential for you to have storage for the ring. Preferably it is good to store the ring inside the closet or wardrobe that you have.