What are the Ways that Can Keep Your Gold Plated Jewellery Last Long?

Gold plated jewellery is a good substitute for your gold jewellery. If you love gold but cannot wear it on every occasion, you can opt for gold plated jewellery instead. It can be worn by anybody irrespective of age, which occasion you are going to attend and how long you are going to travel. Though the plating of gold does not last long but if you maintain it on a regular basis the gold plated can be kept intact for many years. There are some ways to keep your gold plated jewellery last long. You can follow the steps given by us to maintain your gold plated jewellery.

Wash your hands before wearing the jewellery

Every time you wear your gold plated jewellery make sure that you wash your hands before wearing them. You must wash your hands before taking them out also.

Wear the gold plated jewellery at the end

Perfume and cosmetic products are the most harmful products for your gold plated jewellery. Make sure that you have applied the perfume before wearing the jewellery. wear your gold plated jewellery after you have applied cosmetics on your skin.

Avoid contact with water for your jewellery

Avoid swimming with gold plated jewellery

Do not swim while you are wearing your gold plated jewellery. The water where you swim contains chlorine which can be harmful for your jewellery.

Keep your gold plated jewellery away from sweat

It is better to keep your gold plated jewellery away from sweat because it may cause discoloration to the jewellery. Wipe off your jewellery after every use to remove stains of perspiration from them.

Do not wear them on a regular basis

Though the gold plated jewellery can be used more often than gold jewellery, do not wear them on a regular basis. The gold plated jewellery may accumulate lot of dirt if you wear them regularly.

Clean your jewellery after every use

To avoid any stains on your jewellery make sure that you remove the dirt from them regularly. Use a soft piece of cloth to clean your jewellery. Do not use any cleaners which contain acidic materials on them.

Take them to jewellers for re-plating

Long use of gold plated jewellery can make them thin as the plating wears off. You can fix it by taking the jewellery to shops which can handle gold plating. Re-plating of your plated jewellery is necessary to keep them intact and to use them for more years ahead.