What Are the Statement Wedding Jewellery to Invest In For the Would-Be-Brides

The most important thing for which the would-be-brides feel excited is the bridal jewellery which they will be wearing for the wedding and for occasion after the occasion too. It is to be determined much before the type of jewellery which the bride would like to wear on the special occasion. It is also important to choose some type of jewellery that are simple and heavy too for various occasion which she needs to attend in the future. Jewellery is the best part for the wedding ceremony.

Choosing the right kind of wedding jewellery can be a hassle for you because you may be confused about the type of jewellery which they can wear for the wedding ceremony. They must also decide on the jewellery which they can also wear after the ceremony gets over. Think about all the occasion which you to attend after the wedding and try to select the jewellery pieces accruing to that. There are many considerations which is to be made by the would be bride about the jewellery like the type of outfits she is going to wear, the skin tone, and the occasions which are associated with the wedding ceremony like sangeet and mehendi.

Here are some of the important type of jewelleries which the brides must invest in so that they can carry off different kinds of costumes and outfits with them without any difficulty.


Crown has become one of the statement jewellery pieces which every bride wants to wear on the special day of their wedding. Crown is that statement jewellery piece which can be passed on to the bride as heirloom jewellery or it can be a heritage for her to wear a gorgeous crown on the day of the wedding. The veil is attached with the crown which gives an extraordinary look to the bride. If you have the heirloom jewellery then you will wear that otherwise you can also buy one for yourself to get a royal look for the wedding.


This is one other statement jewellery which every bride wants to wear for the special occasion. This is very different from the bangles or the bracelets which are generally chosen by the brides. But some of the brides who want to sport exclusive jewellery pieces choose mantasha as part of their wedding jewellery. mantasha is worn on the wrist which has intricate designs and detailing on it. You can wear on piece of mantasha in your hand to complement your hands on the day of the wedding.


Most of the woman love to wear anklet on the days of the occasion associated with the wedding. Just like the mantasha complements the bride’s hands, anklet can complement your feet. Try to choose a gold plated anklet for yourself which will get matched with the gold plated ornaments which you are going to wear for the wedding. With the attire it will look perfect and you can wear it for special occasions as well.