What Are the Etiquettes That You Need To Follow While Wearing Anklets

Anklets are worn to accentuate the casual attire of a person. Generally worn in summer, the anklets should be worn with such dresses that expose your feet and legs. To make sure that you do not look tacky while wearing them, just go through the following rules of wearing anklets.

Choose The Right Settings

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that anklets are not something which you can wear to workplaces. Instead, it is a piece of jewellery which equates to relaxing and enjoying yourself. So, it is best to wear anklets when you are not in a professional surrounding. Before wearing chiming anklets, just think whether the quiet public area is appropriate for the sound or not.

The rules might seem endless, however, there are multiple places where you can wear anklet without breaking any rules. Some of the following places are really anklets worthy.

       ●Any beach

      ●While On Vacation

      ●Relaxing at the Poolside

      ●Casual Summer Party

      ●At any festival

Warm weather is the perfect opportunity for the anklet wearers as it lets them show off their legs.

Positioning Of the Anklet

Anklets should be worn in which leg?

This is one of the most common questions that people face. The truth is that anklet can be worn on both legs. There is no right leg choice for this piece of jewellery. However, try to avoid wearing anklets while wearing pantyhose. The anklets are meant to make your legs look good, thus, always wear the jewellery on bare legs.

The Better Way of Wearing It

There are no dictated ways that you should follow. Some fashionistas like to wear them loose, while others like the anklet to seat snugly above the ankle bone. To get the right size of your anklet region, just take a measuring tape and wrap the tape around the place you like to wear the anklet. Then add half an inch to the measure and this is your fit. Typically, a 10-inch anklet fits all people.

Outfit consideration

Shoes have a dramatic effect on the anklets. So, while flaunting the piece of jewellery, just make sure to wear a killer pair of shoes as well. Typically, the summer shoes, such as the flip-flops and the backless loafers, look fabulous with anklets. Crop jeans and skirts can be your choice of dresses while wearing anklets.

Anklets will help you to score some serious fashion points if worn with the right type of shoes and dress. Just make sure to match the anklet with the right type of occasions and you are all set to slay some serious looks.