What Are Different Types of Bun Pins Which Can Rock Your Look

Making khopa or bun is a traditional Indian style. Ladies all over India know how to make a bun and flaunt it. Making bun is easy. This is the most probable reason for which even the modern Indian girls love to carry buns on a daily basis. With the right kind of accessory, this everyday look can even be flaunted in any occasion or party. Check the following type of decorated bun pins, which can make your bun the talk of the town.

Bun Pins With Earrings

This type of bun pins has attached earrings with them. This is the traditional type of bun pins. These compliment your looks if you wear them with lehengas or sarees. Known as the maharani khopa pin, these will indeed make you look like a queen.

Kundan Bun Pin

Add kundan style to any piece of jewellery, and it will instantly become more gorgeous. The kundal style gives these pins a different look which makes the ladies sought this type of pins. You can wear this type of bun pin whether you are going to a party or just going for a walk.

Side Bun Pins

Side bun itself gives a different look to the wearer. Adding an ornamented pin helps to enhance the look in many ways. If you want to create a statement, then this is the right type of bun pins that you should wear. The best way to flaunt this type of pin is, to wear it on your wedding day.

Floral Bun Pins

These types of pins are the all-time favourite of all. Starting from the small girls, this type of bun pins used to decorate the bun of the elderly ones. It goes with every type of Indian attire and compliments every age type. The pins are easily available in the market. It is lightweight and thus, the wearer remains comfortable all the time.

Net Type Bun Pin

The net type bun pins are different in nature. It is generally used by the ladies who do not want a single strand of hair to move. This type of bun pins are easy to wear and are lightweight in nature.

Gold Plated Bun PIns

This type of pins gives a pricey look without emptying your savings account. These pins are gaudy and best to flaunt in a dazzling occasion.

Making bun is easy, but, choosing the right type of bun pin is not. The above list will help ladies to differentiate various types of bun pins, and help them to wear the right type of bun pins according to the occasion.