Ways to Preserve Your Kundan or AD Necklaces

Jewelry is making a fashion statement. A right piece of jewelry can help you to look beautiful and it can also augment or break your outfit. There are various kinds of jewelry that can easily coalesce with any kind of outfit you wear. Whatever kinds of jewelry you are wearing, be it a costume jewelry or a Kundan jewelry or American diamond jewelry, etc, you need to take proper care of them or else they can be subjected to wear and tear.

If you have a beautiful neckline then you would definitely want to invest in a beautiful piece of necklace that can help you to emphasize your beauty. If you are wearing a low cut dress or a top, go for a drop necklace set. On the contrary, if you are wearing a strapless or boat-shaped dress then try to incorporate a choker necklace with your outfit. You can also go for pendant necklace sets with turtle neck shirts.

Some Popular Necklace Styles You Can Try

AD Necklace Sets: Less costly than the original diamond sets, but they offer the same shine of real diamonds. You can get beautiful floral motif designs on the necklaces.

Kundan and Meenakari Necklace: One of the oldest forms of jewelry that date back to the Mughal era. Kundan sets have stones embedded on one side while on the reverse side intricate and beautiful meenakari work is done. The necklaces can go well with heavy-weight designer sarees and lehengas.

In this blog, we will present you with some tips that can help you to take good care of your necklaces.

Kundan Sets: Kundan and Polki sets are susceptible to moisture and there lies a huge chance that it might lose the shine and luster with time. Even if you keep them in the velvet boxes that came with the sets, still there are huge chances of moisture coming in contact with them. Hence, the best solution is to wrap the beautiful sets in a butter paper and then place them in an airtight container so that they remain away from the moisture.

strong>AD Sets: It can get scratched if it is kept with other jewelry items. In order to ensure the shine remains intact, you can take a mug of warm water and add soft detergent powder in it. Mix it well. You can then soak your ad necklace for a few hours. After that, you need to wipe it with a muslin cloth so that the diamonds shine brightly. You can wrap them in butter tissue paper also.

Make sure you don’t expose your necklaces to any kind of harsh chemicals or lotions as it can be the reason for the destruction of the jewelry. Take off your jewelry before you apply lotion or deodorants. Taking proper care of your necklaces can help you to keep your fashion jewelry at their best for as long as possible.