Ways to Care For Your Beautiful Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are the most flattering and sensual gems of all times and have graced the beauty of their owner for centuries. They have a soft glow that enhances your features and complements your beauty impeccably. It is thus very important to maintain this lustre that has been so delicately created by nature.

Pearls are different from all other kind of imitation jewellery, in the sense they actually improve their shine when worn next to the skin for longer periods of time. Where imitation and gold plated jewellery tends to fade way or discolour if they stay in contact with the skin for longer periods of time, pearls on the other hand, tend to absorb oils from the skin and glow a little more every time you wear them.

Here are some ways in which you an care for these beauties and make them look as good as new for much loner periods of time.

Acidity Attacks Pearls

Acid or excessive perspiration, produced by aerobic exercises, can be responsible for reducing the lustre of pearls. Never let your pearls come in contact with acidic solutions like vinegar, dish washing liquid or lemon juice. Swimming or bathing in chlorine-treated water is also harmful for your delicate pearls, since these chemicals erode the natural nacre that coats the pearls.

On the other hand, swimming in seawater is actually very beneficial for your pearls, since it naturally cleans them.

Storage of Pearls

Taking care of the storage is very important when it comes to pearl jewellery. When they are not being used, store them in chamois leather or silk pouches. Never store your pearls carelessly in jewellery boxes along with other harder materials like silver or diamonds, since they will scratch the delicate pearls.

A storage place that is either too dry or too hot will not allow the air to circulate around the jewellery, which will eventually dull the lustre of pearls. Never store your pearls for too long in airtight environments, or their surface will dry out causing the pearls to crack.

To Clean Pearls

Never ever clean your pearls with a toothbrush. It will only damage them more, instead of doing any cleaning. Always use soft clots or dry cotton swabs to clean the dirt off your pearls or you can also use your fingernails, to scratch off the dirt. Fingernails have the same hardness as pearls. Therefore, they cannot scratch the pearl’s surface.

These are some of the ways in which you can care for your pearls. So go ahead, stock up on your favourite pearls and don’t forget to wear your best smile along with them!