Various Designs of Light Weight Jewellery to Keep In Your Wardrobe

Light weight jewellery has come into the limelight replacing the heavy weight jewellery. Modern and contemporary women like to wear light weight jewellery by which they can travel and carry off easily with the kind of costumes they love to wear. Light weight jewellery can be worn with any traditional dress as well as a western costume and outfits without any hassle. Different kinds of styles and designs of light weight jewellery are available in the market from which you can choose the perfect one for you.

There is a huge collection of light weight jewellery and it can be of different varieties like kundan, gold plated, American diamond, and costume jewellery. In this blog you will read about some of the jewellery which are light in weight and it can be worn in any occasion without the problem of carrying it off.

Kundan Chain and Pendant Set

You can invest in a chain and pendant set which is made up of kundan. The biggest advantage of having this is that the china and the pendant can be worn with any type of dresses whether it is an ethnic one or a western gown. You can wear them to any day occasion with a traditional costume at the same time you can wear to any light occasion like anniversary parties, birthday parties and even reception parties. Kundan is a type of jewellery which gives a classy and royal look to anybody who is wearing it and so it is a good decision to have a kundan pendant and chain set with you.

Pendant and Chain Set From the Costume Jewellery Collection

Along with the kundan jewellery you may also own a pendant or a set consisting of pendant and chain which is from the costume jewellery collection. This is a type of jewellery can be matched with any type of costume and hence the name. It can consist of stones too. If you have a pair of pendant and chain set which is from the range of costume jewellery then you don’t need to worry about wearing in any of the occasion for which you have been invited suddenly.

Gold Plated Pendant

If you don’t want to wear real gold jewelleries always and you are looking for an alternative then gold plated is the best option for you. You can wear the gold plated pendant at any time because it is an example of light weight jewellery and it can be carried off like a pro with any kind of outfits you are comfortable to wear. You can also wear gold plated pendant to any of your official occasion like celebrating foundation day at your workplace. There are various designs and styles of gold plated jewellery which are available in the market or even in the online stores to choose. Select the best one which will suit your personality and class.

American Diamond Pendant

This is another option to choose specially for the working women and women who love to wear light weight jewellery. American diamond jewellery can be worn with a traditional outfit and also with a contemporary and so it is a better for you to buy an American diamond pendant too.

These are some of the types of jewellery or rather light weight jewellery which you can keep in your closet for future use.