Types of Clasps That Are Found In Necklace & Bracelet Jewelry Making

Clasps form an important part of jewelry making designs. The clasp has a very functional role to play. In fact, it can be said that the clasps can form their own design element. In fact, there are various types of clasp styles which are available in the market. It needs to be chosen according to the jewelry design requirement. For example, in some jewelry designs you will require having a lobster clasp installed or in some you need to have a toggle clasp.

So, let’s have a look at the different type of clasps that are used in the jewelry making process, be it a bracelet or a necklace.

  • Spring Clasp It is one of the most popular forms of clasp types available. It is equipped with spring-loaded action and activated by pulling back the protruding trigger on the top.
  • Lobster Clasp This clasp is so named as it resembles a lobster’ claw. It is self-closing and very easy to secure. This type of clasp is available in various sizes and styles. If you want you can get swivel variety of lobster clasps which allows the clasp to rotate it at 360 degrees. This clasp is very popular among the jewelry makers.
  • Toggle Clasp This type of clasp is usually recognized from the loop and the ‘t-shape’ bar. The bar is turned sideways and is pulled out through the loop. This kind of clasp is often used to make heavy jewelry. It also comes in a variety of sizes and shapes like circle or hearts. This kind of clasp can be the perfect solution for ‘lariat’ style necklaces that comes with a closure in the front.
  • Barrel Clasp The clasp resembles the shape of a barrel. It is a versatile clasp that comes in various shapes and finishes. The two metal barrels are screwed together in order to make it close. Basically, one part is attached with another part to make it secure.
  • S Hook Clasps It forms the oldest type of clasp models that were used in necklace chains. It is designed to attach one end of jewelry piece to another.
  • Magnetic Clasp The clasp contains magnet in them which helps to attract one another and then snaps together in order to make the necklace a secured piece. This clasp also comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes in order to suit the needs of the jewelry and also the customers. This is the perfect options for bracelets.

The jewelry industries are making use of a wide variety of clasps for the jewelry making process. The clasp should be given importance as it would help to adorn the piece of jewelry