Traditional Jewellery Which Can Never Go Out Of Fashion

Jewellery plays an important part in every woman’s life. Sometime they buy jewellery on their own and sometimes they get them as a hereditary possession on occasions like weddings and birthdays. Wearing jewellery can change the look completely. You can even buy jewellery that matches you outfit. You can have different kinds of them with various dresses that you have. They possess certain jewellery which is being used by women generation after generation. There is some type of jewellery which never goes out of fashion. We can tell you about those jewellery which are worn by women of every generation.


It is a type of jewellery which can be worn by women of any age and with any costume. You can wear a traditional necklace in pure gold which you have got as a asset or it can be a gold plated one too. You can wear them in special occasions such as wedding ceremonies or in any other occasion also.


It is another type of jewellery which enhances the beauty of a woman. You can wear pure gold bangles for a special occasion or can mix and match with your outfit. You will find them in costume jewellery and in kundan too.


It is the traditional name for armlet. It can be worn as a substitute to bangles. Wearing one in a hand can make heads turn to you among all. You can wear a gold plated bajuband when you are travelling. Otherwise wear a gold one to show the fashion sense of yours.


Many women wear anklet during their marriage ceremony. Earlier wearing anklet was a symbol of married women. Many people till now wear anklet on the day of their wedding. Normally costume jewellery anklets are bought more than the gold ones.


Most women wear a tika on the day of their wedding. But sometimes they also wear tika on other wedding ceremonies too. It looks great on a girl on the day of her wedding. They wear a heavier tika on the day of the wedding. They also buy a lighter tika to wear on other occasions. You can find them in bridal sets too which are being sold now in numerous numbers.


Wearing a nath was always a trend. Women wear them on the day of their wedding with the wedding outfit. But the real trend of wearing a nath has come from the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja. Heritage families whom we call the ‘Bonedi’ families have a tradition of wearing nath during Durga Puja held at their homes. Married women are supposed to wear nath and anklet to resemble Maa Durga.