Top 5 Jewellery Pieces Which Should be a Part of Your Bridal Collection

The most important event in the life of a woman is her wedding. Since childhood, every girl has dreamt about her wedding look and she tries to look her level best on her wedding day. No wedding can be complete without jewellery and hence it is very important that the jewellery complements the bridal outfit.

Not all women are experts when it comes to jewellery and hence you can go through the points mentioned below to get an idea about the jewellery pieces which should be a part of your bridal jewellery collection.

Bridal Necklace

The bridal necklace is the most important part of the bridal jewellery collection. You need to select your bridal necklace depending on your taste and preference. You can opt for a god-plated necklace if you want to sport the traditional look for your wedding. A Kundan necklace can also be your choice if you are in love with stone embellished jewellery pieces. You can also create a layering effect by wearing multiple necklaces.

Bridal Earrings

It is very important that your bridal earrings are in sync with the bridal necklace. Many brides opt for the necklaces sets which include the earrings along with the necklace. You can also purchase the bridal earrings separately. If you are planning to sport a simple look, you can opt for a simple pair of studs. If you love to wear heavy earrings, you can opt for a pair of jhumkas or kaanbalas as well.

Bridal Bangles

Bridal bangles play a major role in making the bride look beautiful. The bangles are available in a variety of styles, designs and sizes. You can opt for simple gold-plated bangles if you want to sport the traditional look. If you want to wear heavy hand accessories then you can opt for the mantasha.


Every woman feels like the queen on the day of her wedding and hence it is absolutely apt to sport a crown. You should select the size of the crown on the basis of your preference. A gold-plated crown is a popular choice among the brides but you can also opt for the stone embellished crowns in order to look different.


The trend of wearing naths is very common and many women are following this trend. The naths are available in a variety of styles and designs. You can select your ideal nath on the basis of your taste and preference. If you feel that the naths will look too loud, then you can easily opt for the nose pins.

While purchasing bridal jewellery pieces, you should always select the pieces which can be worn later on at various other occasions.