Tips To Wear Jewellery to Work

Dressing up in formals can be both tough and tricky. If done right, jewellery can be a saviour and improve your look in the office. Gone are those days when women felt the need to suit up in black or the very strict corporate look with shirts and trousers without any accessories. Office wear can be now teamed up with chic and smart jewellery. Moreover, it is not difficult to do so once you know what needs to be done.

Here are a few tips that you can use for your workplace jewellery.

Don’t Go Overboard

If you’re afraid of going overboard, it is recommended to remove one accessory after you think you have completed the look, before stepping out for work. In case you’re wearing designer bangles, you can choose any one out of a set of five or more. If you’re wearing both necklace and earrings, go for any one instead of both.

Go For One Bold Piece

It is easy to maintain a balance between the outfit and the jewellery. Just go for one bold piece of jewellery. It can be a statement necklace or a cuff. Bohemian-style jewellery, like bibs or statement cuffs, goes very well with office attire and complements your look. Just make sure that you’re sporting only one bold accessory with your attire and nothing else.

Say Yes To Earrings

If you’re confused as to which one piece of office jewellery you should wear, make it earrings. Earrings are the safest option and give you ample opportunity to experiment. Use oversized or statement earrings to keep it polished and smart. Subtle pieces with a pop of colour add that required zing in your look.

Use Rings to Bid Goodbye to Monotony

Rings can be used to improve your mood and also to curb monotony. While you have to look at the computer and your keyboard all through the day at work, a glance at your statement gemstone ring can instantly uplift your spirit.

The key to office wear is ‘less is more’. Don’t overdo your look with too many pieces of jewellery. Keep the noisy bracelets and layered earrings at home. Instead, wear a watch to showcase your style statement as well as your focus on time and work. Don’t experiment. Experimenting is not for office wear. Keep office wear subtle and smart and you are sure to look your best at your workplace look with these style tips.