Tips to Match Jewellery with Your Wedding Lehenga

The wedding is the most special and important event in a woman’s entire life. Every little detail is paid heed to during the wedding, from the buffet to flower arrangements, from the guest list to the venue. Out of all that, the most important is the bride herself, her attire, jewellery, make up, hair and everything else. The foremost concern of the bride is to look her best on this day. Here is a guide for all the would-be brides to keep in mind on how to match the jewellery with their wedding lehenga.

Contrast Is The Way To Go

There are a lot of lovely ladies out there who think that matching their jewellery with their lehenga is the best way to coordinate their look. Although in some cases that turns out to look nice, you should try and experiment with colour contrasting for the ultimate marvel. Wearing your pink lehenga with emerald instead of rubies give you a more dramatic yet elegant look. Also, both your jewellery and the lehenga gets their fair share of attention when you colour contrast them. In case your outfit is a riot of colours, the best option is to wear those monochrome pearls.

The Neckline of Your Blouse is Important

Another very important factor that should influence your jewellery selection to be matched with your lehenga is the neckline of your blouse. Chokers look great with low blouse necklines and on ladies who have a longer neck. On the other hand, a higher blouse neckline is very well complemented by layered or long necklaces like a raani haar, or even with no jewellery at all.

Jewellery Accessories That You Should Consider

Jewellery does not only mean necklaces, earrings or bracelets any more. Here are some other types of jewellery that a bride should have in her trousseau.

The waist belt-

This one instantly glams up your look an can b used to tuck in your dupatta is a very fashionable way.

The bazubandh-

Show off the nice thin armlet and create your own style statement.

The Nath-

Be a bold bride and sport a glamorous nath. Not only is it going to bring a lot of attention to your ace, buy also amp you your look for the special event. It is also traditional bridal jewellery so you will be carrying forward the traditions too!

These are some of the tips that you need to keep in mind while matching your jewellery to your bridal outfit. Look your best on the most special day of your life and begin a happy life ahead.