Tips to maintain costume jewellery very easily at home

People are all fond of costume jewellery. It is trendy as well as original. Moreover, they tend to be affordable. Colorful necklace, cuff bracelet, earrings, cocktail ring - there are many options to impart a unique style to your outfit. However, the disadvantages of these are they tend to tarnish, lose its color and shine very easily. They break easily and often leave ugly marks on the skin.

You must remember a few tips to keep your jewellery intact for many years. Just remember the following steps to preserve your jewellery for longer years. There are some ways to maintain your costume jewellery. The steps are mentioned below:

Keep the jewellery dry and clean

Keep your costume jewellery dry and clean to maintain its luster and beauty. This will help to retain the colour of the jewellery and maintain it from tarnishing.

Avoid them from chemical hands

Avoid you costume jewellery from any kind of chemical products such as lotion, perfume, oil and any type of cream. Wear them before applying any chemicals like perfume on your body. Also remove them before applying chemicals products on your body.

Try to avoid wearing them on a regular basis

Costume jewellery can be your favorite kind of jewellery and you always choose to wear them on every occasion that you have. But give them a little break from wearing them always. If you wear them on a daily basis discoloration may occur to the jewellery. To preserve the jewellery for lifetime, change your jewellery as often as possible.

Buy more than one piece of costume jewellery

If possible try to buy more than one piece of the same jewellery to keep the jewellery intact for many years. Try to wear these kinds of jewellery occasionally and not on a daily basis.

Clean them after every use

Always clean those after every use to keep them look good at its best as long as possible. After removing the jewellery, wipe them with a piece of soft cloth to clean out any stains, residues and sweat from them.

Avoid acidic cleaners to clean the jewellery

Avoid cleaners that contain acid, alcohol, vinegar and ammonia because they can cause damage the jewellery.

Store the jewellery in air tight boxes

The jewellery must be stored in air tight containers to prevent them from tarnishing, chipping and knots in chains and other type of damage that can cause damage to them.