Tips to Help You Take Care of Pearl Jewellery

A pearl is a living gem that is produced inside the soft tissues of a living shelled mollusk. It is basically an accretion of somewhat translucent material which is often referred to as nacre or mother of pearl. It is almost similar to the lining found inside the prismatic shells. This is what gives the pearls its exclusive glint and radiance. For the formation of a single pearl, thousand of thin layers of nacre are required.

Natural Vs Cultured Pearls

Apart from the natural pearls that are available in the market, you can also get to see cultured pearls in the market. Nowadays, natural pearls have become very rare and hence have become costly.

Unlike, the natural pearls which were naturally produced inside the oysters, the cultured pearls are formed by the humans. For this, an irritant is introduced into the oyster that forces the oyster to produce cells that secrete layers of nacre that coat the foreign matter and become a cultured pearl.

How to Take Good Care

Whether you are wearing pearl jewellery made up or natural pearls or cultured pearls it needs to be taken care of properly so that it can be used for a long period of time. In this blog, we will provide you with some tips that can help you to protect your trinket.

  • You should not use any kind of caustic material to clean the pearls. Also, you should not clean it with anything that may contain ammonia or vinegar or chlorine bleach as it can harm the pearls.
  • You should never steam clean your pearls. You can easily wipe off the dirt from the ornaments with the help of a soft cloth that is usually dampened with water. Also, you must use those cleaners that are regarded safe for pearls.
  • Pearls can get damaged from fabrics like Shetland wool. So, don’t wear this kind of fabric with your pearl ornaments.
  • You should never store the pearl jewellery in any kind of plastic bag as the plastic can emit chemicals which can degrade the surface of the pearl. Hence, its important to store them in a soft pouch or cloth. This helps in protecting the jewellery.
  • You can remove the dirt by soaking the pearl trinkets in lukewarm water mixed with gentle soap. After rinsing it well, you must allow it to dry wrap in a cotton cloth.

Most importantly, like other jewellery items, pearl items also need to be removed before you apply any kind of perfume or spray as it can harm the body.