Tips and Tricks of Storing Kundan Jewellery in Your Wardrobe

You may have many different styles and designs of kundan jewellery which you have kept in your closet or your wardrobe. But if you don’t follow the proper rules of storing them then damage may be caused to the jewellery pieces which can be your favorite ones to. Follow some specific tips and tricks to store your jewellery pieces whether it is kundan or any other type of jewellery.

In this blog you will read about some of the storage techniques which you must follow in order to keep them intact so that you can wear them for as many years as you want to. You can even keep it ever bright and shiny too.

Separate Boxes for Each Piece

It is important for you to have separate boxes for separate items of kundan jewellery because of various reasons. First of all the pieces of jewellery may get scratched if they are kept together. Then there is a chance of the colors of the jewellery getting fade and if the color fades then the beauty of the kundan jewellery will no longer be there. Try to keep the kundan necklace and earrings or even bracelets and bangles in each of the boxes.

Clean Them Regularly

It is important for you to clean the jewellery pieces at regular intervals because it dust is accumulated on the jewellery pieces then the color of the pieces will fade. Even there is a chance of the jewellery pieces getting tarnished due to the dirt and dust accumulation on them. Make sure that you take out the jewellery pieces from the storage and clean them once or twice a week so that the shine and brightness of the jewellery are intact.

Use Pouch Bags for Storage

You must use pouch bags for storing the kundan jewellery items so that any kind of marks and scratches can be avoided for the exclusive pieces of kundan jewellery. Use soft bags for each of the jewellery items which are to be stored in your wardrobe or your closet.

Aluminum Foil

As an alternative you can also use aluminum foil for keeping your jewellery if you do not have any soft bags at your home. Avoid using plastic bags because they can react with the metal of the jewellery which may cause damage to the jewellery itself. If you are having aluminum foil then also you need to keep them separately. Wrap the jewellery pieces in foil and keep them in a box where you store all the types of jewellery in your wardrobe.

Erase the Dust

For the cleaning process it is important for you to clean the upper layer of dust which has settled down on the kundan jewellery pieces. If the dust keeps on accumulating on the jewellery then the shine and luster will fade and also the color will also wear out. Take a piece of cloth and erase the dust from the kundan jewellery. You can also use a rubber to erase the blackened part of the kundan jewellery.

These are some of the methods by which you can take care of the kundan jewellery.