Tips and Points for Maintenance of Pearl Jewellery At Home

Everyone loves to wear pearl jewellery. One of the reasons is that makes a woman look elegant and beautiful. You can wear pearl jewellery with almost all types of costumes which includes ethnic dresses and traditional outfits as well. Who does not love to wear pearl jewellery to different occasions? If you are skeptical about your look then you can just slip on a simple string of pearl and you are ready for any kind of occasion. Pearl jewellery has become the recent trend for modern and contemporary women. In fact they can easily wear for any kind of event and seminar which are related to their workplace. It is the best option for them to look elegant and gorgeous.

Now colored pearl jewellery have become the latest trend and many of the women are trying to some of the exquisite pieces of jewelry from the colored pearl jewellery collection because they can wear them with their matching outfits that have been stacked up in their wardrobe. You can choose from a lot of colors and designs which are there in the collection. Some of the colors of pearls which have trendy are pink, brown, black, copper and rose gold. You can choose the perfect one for yourself.

Here are some of the tips by which the jewellery lovers can keep their favorite piece of pearl jewellery at their home itself.

Clean the Jewellery with Baking Soda

If there is any particular item of pearl jewellery which you have not worn for long, then it is essential to give them a clean up! Use baking soda for cleaning which will give them their shine and brightness back. Not only the old ones but the new ones can also be cleaned in this procedure. Besides the soaps, shampoos and other products which you have tried to may also get them a shiny look because they also react with the natural gems.

Don’t Apply Perfume or Other Sprays

It is not of intelligence to apply different kinds of sprays and perfumes by wearing pearl jewellery. Make sure to remove the pearl jewellery before applying them because they contain harmful chemicals which can damage the jewellery pieces. Discoloration may also happen for the pearl. The bangles, necklace and rings may get a dim yellow color for the pearls. Do not apply any skin products by wearing pearl jewellery as they are hazardous too.

Keep a Piece of Cloth Handy

Once you remove the pearl jewellery keep a piece of soft cloth handy so that you can remove the dirt and oil immediately. This will help the pearls to be as new and the dirt, dust and oil will also not be able to stick to the pearls. Remember to use only a soft piece of cloth and not a harsh one because the pearl might get scratched with it.

Be Gentle With Your Pearl Jewellery Pieces

Be as gentle as possible while you are cleaning your pearl jewellery which has become dull and dirty. You can grab the cloth with three fingers and wipe the pearls softly instead of rubbing them hard.