Things to Avoid for American Diamond Engagement Ring At Home

Other than gold and gold plated, engagement rings can be of American diamond as well. In fact giving engagement rings made of American diamond have become a trend now because it looks sleek on everyone’s hand and it can be worn with different kinds of costumes too. As most of the women now-a-days are working and they have to wear different kinds of attire they want to wear some type of jewellery which can look elegant and classy with every type of outfit which they wear. And for this reason many of the modern and contemporary women want to get special engagement rings which they can easily wear with different kinds of costumes which are suitable for their workplace.

As engagement rings are worn for most of the hours of the day it tends to get dirty as dust and dirt gets accumulated into the ring. To keep it ever shining and bright, it is important to keep it clean and have a regular cleaning session for the special engagement ring. There are special methods by which the engagement ring made of American diamond can be cleaned. If you have certain things then it can be easily cleaned at your home too.

But before cleaning the ring it is also important to know for the engagement ring wearer about the things which they should not do with the engagement ring which is made with American diamonds. Read the below mentioned blogs about the points you should avoid for American diamond engagement ring.

Never Use Sharp Objects

Everyone must always remember that you should never use any sharp objects to remove dirt or clean the ring such as needles, pins, or any other sharp objects similar to the ones mentioned here. It can damage not only the design of the ring as well as the jewellery settings too. It can immediately make any kind of scratch and marks on the ring which can be difficult for you to remove afterwards.

Never Use Bleach and Chemicals

It is also important to avoid any kind of harsh chemicals like bleach and products which have abrasive chemicals in them. If you use this type of chemicals for cleaning your engagement ring made of American diamond then the chemicals can react with the ring it can damage the ring like erosion of the ring may happen. Also discoloration of the fake diamonds which are attached to the ring may also have discoloration. In fact the harsh chemicals can also react to the metal base of the ring and can damage the jewellery setting as well.

Never Remove the Diamond from the Ring

It is not a good idea to remove the American diamonds from the ring itself for the purpose of cleaning. This is because once the diamond are taken out from the setting of ring it can be difficult for a layman to again attach the diamonds into the ring. If you ever think the necessity of cleaning the ring by removing the American diamonds from the ring then always take the help of a professional and let the qualified professional to do the cleaning of the engagement ring and let him make any kind of moderations.