The Unique Jewellery Pieces Which Should be a Part of Your Bridal Collection

The wedding is considered to be the most special event in the life of an individual. Since childhood, almost every girl has numerous dreams regarding her wedding look. In order to look ethereal on your wedding day, you need to make sure that the jewellery complements your wedding outfit.

If you are clueless about jewellery then you should go through the points mentioned below, in order to get an idea about the jewellery pieces which should definitely be a part of your bridal collection.

Bridal Necklace

The bridal necklace is perhaps the most important piece of jewellery which should be owned by the bride. You can select your bridal necklace on the basis of the look you are planning to sport for your wedding event. You can opt for a gold-plated necklace if you are planning to sport the traditional look. If you are planning to look different on your wedding day, then you can opt for a Kundan necklace. You can opt for a pearl necklace if you want to look chic yet glamorous.

Bridal Earrings

You should always make sure that your bridal necklace and earrings are in sync. Many brides opt for the earrings which match the bridal necklace. If you are opting for a heavy neckpiece, then you can sport a simple stud. If you want something heavy, then you can purchase jhumkas or kanbalas. You can also opt for beautiful danglers in order to look elegant. A Kundan earring can also add the necessary amount of bling to your wedding look.


A crown is the perfect choice for your wedding day because you are no less than a queen. A crown helps to add a royal touch to your wedding look and makes you look mesmerizing.


You can opt for a pair of armlets in order to look beautiful. The armlets are available in various intricate designs and can change our complete look.


You can sport a pretty tika on your wedding day to look glamorous. The trend of wearing tikas is very much in fashion and it makes the wearer look classy.

Bridal Bangles

You can purchase gold-plated bangles if you are sporting the traditional look. In order to look different, you can opt for a pair of Kundan bangles. If you love to wear heavy hand accessories, then you should opt for a mantasha or a chur.

You are free to experiment on your wedding look and create a bold style statement. Since it is your wedding day, you can accessories as much as you want to.