The Importance of Storing Kundan Jewellery in the Correct Way

You will find most of the women have more than one piece of kundan jewellery in their wardrobe. These pieces can be the most precious and desired items of their jewellery box. They may have them in different designs, shapes and even colors to match with every outfit. It is also sometimes seen that many of the women have a passion for collecting various kinds of jewellery items like necklaces, neckpieces, and earrings to wear with deferent outfits. Whether there is one or more you must take proper care of the jewelleries so that you can wear them with ease for longer time.

Some persons may not think about the importance of storing kundan jewellery because they know they have more than one piece. But storing of kundan jewellery is the most crucial part of keeping them intact and in their former position for years. Just like clothes and other items of your household you also have to take proper and good care of jewellery because they are vulnerable than any other item.

You will read about many of the steps that are sometimes difficult to follow by you at your home. Here in this blog we will try to give simple and easy steps which will help you to maintain your kundan jewellery at your home.

Use Closed Boxes For Storing:

Always keep your kundan jewellery in air tight containers or boxes so that they do not come in contact with the atmosphere. The air and dust in the atmosphere may damage the designs and tend to tarnish faster.

Separate Boxes For Separate Items:

You must store separate kundan jewellery items in separate boxes to avoid getting scratches. Suppose you have earrings and neckpieces in the same box, the two may come in contact with each other and leave scratch marks on the pieces. So it is a better way to keep them separately.

Keep Them In Cotton Cloth:

Wrap the kundan jewellery in cotton cloth to avoid them getting tarnished. If you keep them just in the boxes when the jewellery comes in contact with the harsh material of them the jewellery may tend to get tarnished or blackened. So take a piece of cotton cloth and keep all your favorite kundan jewellery in it to avoid getting blackened or tarnished.

Avoid Light:

Make sure that the place you are storing your jewellery pieces do not have any source of light. Light can make the metal of the jewellery damaged and make them discoloration. So store the jewellery pieces in an area where there is enough darkness. If possible try to keep them inside any cupboard or wardrobe.

Do Not Use Water and Soap:

For cleaning purpose you can use cloth but never use water and soap solution to clean your kundan jewellery. Soap can react with the metal of the jewellery and can damage the designs and intricacy of it. Try to clean after every use otherwise the jewellery will have stain marks on it.

You may have a fetish for kundan jewellery and you may buy as many pieces you want but you have to remember the storage procedures along with that it does not get damaged. In this way you can wear the same items for more than once without worries.