The Different Types of Jewellery Pieces in a Bridal Set

Jewellery plays a major role in the bridal get up. A wedding is considered to be a very important day in the life of every individual. Every bride wants to look her best on her auspicious day. You must be aware that not all bridal outfits are complemented by the same kind of jewellery and hence you should be extra careful while selecting your bridal jewellery pieces. Depending on your taste, preference and wedding look you should select your wedding jewellery items. A list of the items which should be a part of your wedding collection is mentioned below.


Without a necklace, bridal jewellery is incomplete. You need to find the perfect bridal necklace to complement your outfit. The bridal necklace is usually heavy in nature and you can also opt for the stone embellished bridal necklaces. A Kundal bridal necklace will be ideal for you if you are in love with the intricate Kundan designs and patterns. Instead of wearing a chunky necklace, you can wear two or three necklaces one after the other and form a layer.


Bridal earrings are usually heavy in nature. You can opt for kanbalas or jhumkas if you love to wear chunky earrings. Many brides opt to wear big danglers while many others like to wear simple stud earrings. Depending on your choice and style you can select your bridal earrings.


If you are a Bengali then you will have to get hold of a pair of beautiful sakha badhano bangles and noa badhano bangles. These are mandatory for the Bengali brides, but you can sport it too, even if you are not a Bengali. The most common bangles are the simple bangles. The simple bangles are usually worn in even numbers. You can even sport a mantasha for your wedding if you want to carry a heavy look. Balas and churs are quite common and are chosen by many brides to complete their bridal jewellery set. If you want to step out of the conventional jewellery designs and want to look different, you can choose a wristlet.

Waist Belt

The waist belt can complement your sari or lehenga and provide you an out of the box look. Though the waist belt is a simple item, it can change your entire look very easily.


Many brides want to portray a very traditional look on their wedding day and they opt for armlets. The armlets add extra glamour to the bridal outfit and make the bride look ethereal.

On the basis of the list given above, you can select your bridal jewellery items. Since it is your day, you can add as much bling to your outfit as you want. Look mesmerizing on your D-day with the help of the unique jewellery items available in the market.