The Beautiful Different Types of Earrings You Must Have

It is almost every girl’s dream to have a jewellery box full of beautiful baubles for every attire and occasion. Earrings are bound to be the most essential part of that jewellery box, and there are some styles that are a must have for every woman, regardless of their age. Statement earrings, or any kind of earrings, in general are one such accessory that can be worn with just any and every outfit. Here are some types of earrings that are an absolute ‘must-have’ for your collection.


Which woman does not love a pair of lovely jhumkas? The perfect finishing and delicate designs make jhumkas a great accessory for semi- formal occasions. Jhumkas can be paired with almost anything, but they go best with long kurtas, for a charming feminine look.

Cluster Earrings

This type of jewellery is inspired by temple artwork and is the perfect choice for formal events and family functions, or any other event that requires dressing up without appearing too flashy. The cluster earrings add just the right amount of sparkle and elegance to your look for such occasions.


A stud is the most essential accessory in every woman’s collection. Stud earrings are meant for mostly formal occasions, however, the beauty of this particular type of earring lies in the act that it can be used for regular wear without any hassles. It does have the weight of heavy jhumkas or cluster earrings and are perfect for day to day wear. Studs add just the right amount of charm to your everyday look and look best when paired with either regular kurtis or party outfits. A lovely pair of studs is truly a must have for every women out there.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are loved by women for their simplicity, yet glamorous appeal. These love pair of earrings have been in vogue for over years and never really went out of style. Hoops can be large or small, depending on the occasion you are getting them for. They go well with every kind of outfit and add a charming grace to your appearance.


This particular type of earring is not meant for everyday or casual looks. A sleek pair of danglers adds a sizzle to your appearance and is best suited for occasions when you want an amped up look. Pair them with your cocktail gowns and you are good to go!

These are some of the ‘must have’ earrings that you should start stocking up on. Pair them with your everyday outfits and steal the spotlight wherever you go!