The Art of Kundan Jewelry

Kundan jewelry can be described as a mere piece of an art. Every girl and woman wants to have one set of this jewelry in their trousseau collection. The sheer beauty of the Kundan jewelry items will make everyone spellbound. In fact, this jewelry has become a ubiquitous part of Indian weddings. With celebrities and film stars adorning it has become a rage among the young Indian brides. With this piece of jewelry becoming a prominent style statement, you can easily get a wide range of necklaces online from reputed brands and jewelers.

History of Kundan Jewelry

It is regarded as the oldest form of jewelry that can be dated back to the Mughal era. It also found its wide usage in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujrat. In fact, the sheer art of Kundan still continues to fascinate the jewelry world and the people alike. The skill of kundankari originated in Delhi and in order to make them excellent craftsmanship is needed.

Know About Kundan Jewelry

It involves the art of setting precious stones and gems, on the foils so that the jewelry piece looks magnificent. Contrary to the popular belief, kundan isn’t characterized by its stones and gems. Rather, it refers to the extremely ‘refined gold’ that is not too solid. It uses the purest form of molten gold for the foils. The entire works depend on the craftsmanship of the artisans. Holes are usually made for the gems to set in, while the engravings are done on the set.

Try Out the Imitation Sets

With the price of the gold soaring high, not many people have the capacity to buy traditional Kundan jewelry. This led to the rise of the imitation kundan jewelry. Here, you will get to see the same designs without the touch of the expensive gold in them.

Various Items

There are various styles and designs in kundan work, with the meenakari being considered as the traditional style. In this style, stones are encrusted on one side and on the opposite side colorful and elaborate meenakari work is done. The stones that area usually set in the jewelry items are jade, agate, rock crystal, amethyst, topaz, etc. The Kundan jewelry items basically comprise of earrings, necklaces, bangles, anklets, maang tikka, etc. These jewelry items can easily augment any bridal outfit with which it is worn.

You should go for heavy weight kundan necklace online if you are planning to wear a heavy embroidered outfit. Although you can get light weight Kundan necklaces, which can go well with traditional wear. The heavy design can provide a perfect blend with any style you desire to flaunt.

In today’s scenario, the blend of meenakari and kundan provides a comprehensive beauty to the jewelry piece. It can help to increase the charm of the wearer.