The Amazing Different Types of Maang Tikas You Can Adorn

The trends related to bridal jewellery have changed a lot over the years. Maang tikas are the one thing that has always been an essential part of the bridal trousseau. There are many different types of maang tikas, each suitable for a certain face type and attire. To choose one that is best suited for you, is going to require a little help and guidance, and that’s what you’ll get here! Read on to know more about the different types of beautiful maang tikas and which is going to suit your style the best.

Pendant Style Maang Tika with One Tier

This is one of the hottest styles of maang tikas, which is basically a pendant style with one chain matha patti or single tier. It is a delicate style that gives you the look of a ethereal princess. The best thing about this style of maang tika is that it suits every face type, especially brides who tend to have a smaller forehead. However, it is important to pay attention to where exactly you are placing the maang tika. Don’t forget to choose a great hairstyle to go with this beautiful ornament.

Maang Tika with One Tier

This style of maang tika is a stunning addition to the range. Among the any designs, this one looks the most royal, without a doubt. The extra layers of chains attached to the focal point add to its elegance. This special type of maang tika is especially suitable for brides who have a round face or a broad forehead. The delicacy and simplicity of this maang tika enhances the inborn beauty of every woman naturally.

Pendant Style

This is the all-time favourite style of maang tika of every bride. The pendant gives you a lot of scope to play with, as it could be made of just anything, from kundan to pearl to some other brightly coloured gemstones. The pendant style maang tika is simple and look good with every attire, whether heavy or casual ethnic. It also suits every type of face, which makes it the best choice for women who are not sure about the shape of their face.

Chandelier Style

Chandelier style maang tikas are for women who want to look bold. The extravaganza of rubies and pearls creates a stunning celestial appearance which looks beautiful on women with a round face.

These are some of the best and the most trending styles of maang tikas currently. Choose the one that suits you best and get ready to be the world’s most beautiful bride on your special day!