Take Proper Care of Your Gold-plated Jewellery while Enjoying the Comforts of Your Home

The bond between a woman and jewellery is eternal and almost every woman in this planet possesses a soft corner for ornaments. The exorbitant prices of gold jewellery have become a major reason why many women are opting for gold-plated jewellery. The gold-plated varieties look similar to gold jewellery but are available at a much cheaper price.

Even though the price of the gold-plated jewellery is less, you need to take proper care of the jewellery to make it last longer. You do not need to spend a lot of time or money in order to take proper care of your gold-plated jewellery. You can easily take care of your gold-plated jewellery at home by following some tips.

Wearing the Jewellery at Last

You should make it a point that you wear your gold-plated jewellery after you have completed your make-up and have applied your perfume. The harmful chemicals which are present in the make-up products can tarnish the gold plating and can ruin the look of the gold-plated jewellery.

Washing Your Hands

You should always wash your hands before you touch the gold-plated jewellery so that the dirt and dust does not get accumulated into the jewellery.

Keeping it Away from Water

Water can be extremely harmful for gold-plated jewellery and hence you should make sure that it does not come in contact with water. Before descending to a swimming pool, you should make sure that you remove the gold-plated jewellery.

Avoiding Contact with Sweat

If the gold-plated jewellery comes in contact with sweat, the color of the jewellery may get tarnished. You should make sure that you remove the jewellery before you indulge in some strenuous exercise. You should also make it a point to wipe off the jewellery with a soft piece of cotton to remove the traces of sweat.

Cleaning the Jewellery

It is very important to clean the gold-plated jewellery on a regular basis so that it remains intact for a longer period of time. You can clean the jewellery pieces by using a soft cotton cloth or a cotton ball and wipe it gently. You should not rub the jewellery because the color can get tarnished in the process. In case the jewellery has accumulated a lot of dirt, then you should use a damp cloth to clean it and you need to wipe it with a dry cotton cloth to remove the traces of moisture.

By taking proper care of the gold-plated jewellery, you can make sure that the jewellery lasts for a longer period of time and you can create different looks by experimenting with it.