Stylish Ways to Pair Imitation Jewellery with Your Outfits

Girls love to wear costume jewellery from usually a very young age. With age, their taste and style changes but their love for the bling remains constant. With the ever changing fashion trends and styles, most women tend to get confused as to how they should wear their jewellery in order to stand out from the crowd. A little mismatch in the matters of accessorizing can spoil your entire look.

Here are a few tips that are going to help you avoid committing any fashion faux pas.


  • Choose colour blocked earrings that match your outfit for an edgy and quirky look. For example, if you & wearing a black long or short dress, pair it with white earrings to seal the look.
  • There is nothing more classic and charming like soft and dangling chandelier earrings for a relaxing day time look. You can even go for studs in case you do not want to be too loud.
  • If you’re going to wear a patterned top, make sure your earrings match with the shape of the print.
  • Drop and/or heavy earrings go extremely well with bare neck or collarless dresses. Never wear any jewellery with this type of attire, just finish off with a pair of sleek earrings for a classic day look.


  • Avoid wearing plastic bracelets. They not only look cheap but also do not complement any look or outfit in a good way ever.
  • Pair ethnic leather bracelets with floral printed dresses and vintage boots for great match.
  • Pearl or gemstone bracelets are an impeccable choice for the little black dresses or even your office formal attires.
  • It is not a good idea to wear large, chunky bracelets on the same hand as your watch. It will look rather messy. Instead, wear something that is going to complement the style of your watch for a stylish and charming look. Pair this with long, side-slit dresses or an a-line shirt with blue jeans.


  • Statement jewellery has become a huge thing in fashion today. A pro tip would be to pair them with your boring outfits in order to make them stand out even more. This is a great idea to wear your boring outfits again and it is also a total attention garner when it comes to the final look.
  • Wear long gold chains paired with plain white shirts or t-shirts for the extra edge and glamour.

Keep these style tips in mind, and you will never go wrong with your fashion choices again. Flaunt your style with fashion jewellery and get ready to make heads turn.