Stylish Kundan Jewellery That Every Woman Must Own

Kundan jewellery is the best choice for pairing with ethnic ensembles. They impart a royally glamorous look and make you look a class apart. Because of their beauty, kundan jewellery has also become a top choice for modern brides, who don't want to laden themselves from head to toe with gold. Kundan can also be worn on special occasions such as festivities and traditional parties. Here are some pieces of kundan jewellery that every woman must have in her wardrobe, to stay ahead of style when it comes to ethnic fashion.

Kundan Earrings

Kundan earrings look fabulously glamorous and impart a traditional look to your appearance they are classy and traditionally beautiful. You can wear just a pair of kundan earrings and you will still be the eye catcher of the event. In fact, when you are wearing heavy kundan earrings, it is best to give the necklace a miss, since they are so appealing all by themselves. However, if the event that you are going for requires you to be all dressed up and gaudy, then can you can wear the necklace and earrings together, given that they match.

Kundan Necklace

Kundan necklace is among the most beautiful of necklaces, and they give the wearer a stunning and gorgeous appearance. Kundan necklaces can be worn alone or with other kundan accessories such as earring and bracelets, depending on the occasion. They are elegantly beautiful and have a glamorous ethnic touch because of the intricate stonework and finishing of the jewellery. They are best for brides on the big day of the wedding and can also be worn by her close friends and family. Kundan necklaces are truly one of a kind, and they make you look the same.

Kundan Bangles

If you don’t want to appear too glamorous on a wedding or any other such traditional occasion, the best accessory that you can adorn to still make you look a class apart are the kundan bangles. Match them with your lehenga or anarkali suit and you will be good to go. You can even wear matching kundan bangles and necklaces together, but keep in mind to not wear all the pieces of accessories together since that will make your look too much over the board.

While wearing heavy jewellery like kundan, you need to make sure of maintaining a balance with what you are wearing. Save the pieces to wear them individually and not together. Learn the tips, stock up your collection and turn heads wherever you go!