Stylish Earrings That Should Be There in Every Woman’s Wardrobe

Earrings are a great part of every woman’s ensemble and outlook. They project the style in a very feminine manner and make a lady look charming. There is not just one but a lot of different types of earring that you can choose from, and each one is meant to grace different occasions. However, there are a few types of earrings that are an absolute must have for every woman. These earrings are not just stylish but also very practical and you can make the best use out of them.


Jhumkas are a great style of earring and they are a must have for every woman. There are many types of jhumkas, but you can stock up on the light-weight and practical ones that are not only beautiful but can also be worn to almost every occasion. The jhumkas look particularly beautiful when they are paired with kurtis and anarkali suits.

Jhumka earrings are perfect for a daytime look and you are sure to look charming like a angel with this pair of beautiful accessories. Wear jhumkas when you are out with your friends for a brunch or shopping, or even when you have to attend the early rituals and ceremonies of a wedding.


Stud earrings are the best and you can wear them just any time and every time of the day. They are extremely beautiful and practical and you can carry them confidently all the time, all through the day. Because of their style and simplicity, you can wear them even to your work and make a subtle yet powerful statement.

Stud earrings come in various shapes and sizes and you can get gold plated, gemstone or pearl studs that match your style and preference. Make sure you are getting the right size for the right occasion. If you want studs for a formal look, the pearl and gemstone ones are going to be your best choice. Save the gold plated studs for special occasions like dates and night-out with friends.

Hoop Earrings

A lot has changed in fashion over the years, but hoop earrings seem to be around forever. They are a classic style of earrings and have never really gone out of style. Get a pair of simple, large, or detailed hoop earrings and change your look into a glamorous one with them instantly.

These are some of the types of earrings that you should be stocking up right now. Get your hands on them and look stunning at every occasion with these mesmerizing little accessories.