Statement Jewellery You Must Own and How to Wear Them

With the change in trends and fashion, there are several things that have changed over the years when it comes to jewellery. Today, statement jewellery is one of the hottest trends and women all around the world are obsessed with it. Statement jewellery is nothing but huge, chunky and solo pieces that can grab all the attention on their own and do not have not have to be paired with any other accessories. They make the wearer look extremely smart and are also very attention grabbing.

Here are some types of statement jewellery that every woman must own and tips on how you can pair them perfectly with your attires.

Bold and Statement Necklaces

The bold and statement pieces of necklaces are all the rage right now. These bold necklaces can be of many different types and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Statement necklaces could be gold plated or engraved with white and coloured gemstones. They can be paired with all types of outfits, but the best way to wear them would be with plain and simple outfits. The statement necklaces are so much attention grabbing that they do not look good when paired with equally attention grabbing outfits.

Choose simple outfits with minimal patterns to wear with the statement necklaces. They are not going to confuse the onlookers and you will get more than a few complements for your choice of look.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings, be it gold plated or pearls or gemstones, are always a classic. They are your sole saviour when you do not want to dress up too loud and yet want to stand out of the crowd and garner all the attention. Statement earrings look impeccably beautiful and you can wear them for every occasion. What you need to make sure is that you are not wearing any other accessory with your statement earrings, and letting them shine alone.

They demand all the attention and it is best to tie your hair up in a neat bun or ponytail so that all the eyes can be directly on them. Do not wear your chunky earrings with any other piece of jewellery such as necklaces or lots of bangles. However, you can accessorize with other smaller pieces of jewellery such as a simple ring or a light-weight anklet.

These are some of the beautiful statement pieces of jewellery that you must own. Get your hands on these pieces and wear in the above mentioned ways to garner the most attention. Let your jewellery do the talking as you steal the spotlight at every event, wherever you go.