Some of the Exclusive Pieces of Jewellery to Find From the Gold Plated Collection

Not many of the jewellery shops can give the customers some of the exclusive pieces of jewellery especially from the gold plated collection. Apart from earrings, necklaces, bangles, and bridal set, there are many more types of jewellery which you can buy for wearing to different occasions. You must have the knowledge about the jewellery which are unique and exceptional and that which will match your personality as well.

Here are some of the jewelleries from the gold plated collection which can be paired with other kinds of jewelleries also that are unique and out-of-the-world.

Hath Panja

This is one of the jewellery which can be paired up with different kinds of other jewelleries. As it is known that gold plated jewellery is the best substitute for real gold jewellery, you can wear for the purpose of wedding too. In fact, it is a great choice for the would-be-brides also as it complements their hands. If somebody does not want to wear bangles for the wedding reception, then they try out hath panja for both hands which looks great also.

Khopa Pin

Another unique jewellery which can be called as exceptional from the gold plated jewellery collection is the khopa pin. This is mainly used by the brides to make them look stunning on the day of their wedding. They can just make a bun out of their hair and then put a khopa pin into that. It is also the best way to get a vintage look for you on their wedding day.


It is also worn on hands but this gives a heavy look to the brides on the day of her wedding. In fact, this jewellery can also be worn by others if they are attending any wedding ceremonies or parties. Instead of wearing bangles and rings, they can opt for wearing a mantasha on both of their hands. Or it can also be worn in one hand also if somebody does not want to wear on both hands.


This is another jewellery piece which gives a royal look to everyone who wears it. This jewellery can be worn in the upper arm. If somebody thinks that they will not be able to wear any other jewellery then it is wrong. Bangles, rings, bracelets made of gold plated can be worn with the armlet.