Some Important Steps to Remember When Keeping Your Gold Plated Jewellery

Gold plated jewellery is in trend recently and so many of the jewellery lovers are following the trend. Gold plated jewellery can be available at a much lower cost and is easily affordable by anyone. It can actually be substituted with gold jewellery because it can be worn in any occasions too. Many styles and designs are available in the shops for gold plated jewellery which can be teamed with any other type of jewelleries too. Not only for normal occasions but people are opting for gold plated jewellery for their weddings too. They are wearing them for their sangeet and also for their reception ceremony.

Gold plated can last for long years provided you take the proper care and maintenance towards your jewellery pieces. To keep your most loved jewellery pieces intact you must follow some steps.

If you read this blog you will definitely get the helpful tips for maintaining your gold plated jewellery.

Storage Should Be Seen:

The jewellery pieces must be stored in a piece of cloth that is soft to avoid those getting scratches from outside source. It is also to taken care of that the jewellery pieces do not come in contact with air or else there will be a chance of them getting tarnished. Keep different jewelleries in different pieces of cloth so that they might get dented with the contact of other jewellery pieces.

Keep Them Away From Water:

The most important thing that should be taken care of is that the pieces must be kept away from the contact of water. Water can spoil the pieces so it is better to keep them away from it. Gold plated jewellery tends to get tarnished easily so it must be kept away from any source of water.

Do Not Use Perfume On It:

Remember one thing that is gold plated jewellery can get reaction if you use perfume on it. So it is better that you use perfume before you wear the jewellery or avoid using perfume. The chemicals present in the perfume can harm the jewellery and it can get discolored. So avoid using perfume on it or use perfume before you wear the jewellery.

Wear Them At Last:

It is a good habit of wearing the jewellery pieces at last. You must wear them at last because they might get marks from somewhere or they might have scratch marks on them. To avoid this kind of troubles with your jewellery it is better you wear them at last before leaving for the destination.

Avoid Sweat:

Don’t let sweat ruin your favorite pieces of gold jewellery. So keep your gold plated jewellery away from sweat. Don’t do any strenuous jobs while wearing gold jewellery. The harsh chemicals that come out from our body with the sweat are very hazardous for the jewellery. Avoid wearing gold plated jewellery when you know you have to do tough job.

Regular Cleaning Of the Jewellery:

You must regularly clean your gold plated jewellery to keep them as shiny and bright as the new ones. Use soft cloth and detergents to clean the jewellery pieces.

To keep the gold plated jewellery ever shining and bright you must take proper care by following the mentioned steps.