Some Great Tips to Clean Kundan Necklace and Jewellery

Kundan jewellery is one of the delicate types of jewellery which needs to be taken extra care. Kundan jewellery cannot be worn everyday so it is kept inside the boxes for many years. But in this way the jewellery items may also get damaged. So it is necessary to take out those from the storage boxes and wipe off the dirt and dust from them with gentle hands. There are many more ways and methods by which you can take care of your loved kundan jewellery specially the necklace.

Follow the steps from this blog and keep your kundan jewellery intact so that you can wear it for long years to different occasions.

Wiping It

It is important to wipe the jewellery after every use so you can restore the shine and brightness of the stones which are attached to the kundan necklace. Typically, any cloth can be used for wiping the kundan jewellery but it is better to use a suede cloth for removing the dirt and dust from the necklace which is made of kundan.

Storing It

Another important thing for the kundan jewellery is the storage of it. If you have ample space then keeps all the kundan jewellery in separate boxes. And if you have issues for storage, then place the jewellery in between layers of cotton wool and make sure to seal it inside a plastic bag. But if it is possible, then try to keep all the kundan jewelry which you have collected till now inside a wooden box to avoid the humidity.

Cleaning It

Try to use the right kind of material for the cleaning process of the kundan jewellery otherwise it may damage the designs which are made on the jewellery especially on the necklaces. Don’t use soap and water for kundan jewellery instead you can just wipe the jewellery to remove excess oil, dust, and outside dirt which have been accumulated on them. even try to avoid an chemicals for the cleaning process too.

Protecting It

There are many ways by which the kundan jewellery can be protected, but the best way for that is to keep a pouch of desiccant inside the box in which you have stored the jewellery inside the closet. This will help the jewellery like the earrings, necklaces, and bangles from getting tarnished due to excessive humidity inside the storage box.