Some Easy Methods to Maintain Gold Plated Bracelets At Home

Jewellery lovers want to adore different kinds of bracelets because they are the best substitute for bangles. Unlike bangles, bracelets are easy to maintain and can be kept as it is for many years ahead. In fact bracelets can be worn with any kind of costumes and outfits. You can wear them on a regular basis like at your workplace, you can wear it at any of the occasions like wedding ceremonies, or you can wear bracelets for events like conferences and seminars too. Bracelets can be made of different metals, it can be of real gold, it can be gold plated and also of costume jewellery. In fact you can buy bracelets for the purpose if gifts too.

The most used bracelets are the gold plated ones because they are easy to maintain and can be preserved for many years. You may be worried about the ways by which the gold plated bracelets can be cleaned and maintained at home. Don’t be bothered because in the below mentioned blog you will be able to know several methods by which you can keep gold plated bracelets intact.

Clean Them Regularly

It is important to clean the bracelets on a regular basis because otherwise the dirt and dust will be attached to it. This will make the bracelet look dull and the shine and the brightness will be lost from them. There are various ways by which you can clean them like you can use soap water. You can also use a soft cloth to wipe the dust and dirt off the bracelets after every use. You can even use a brush with soft bristles to remove the dirt and dust from the jewellery piece. With the regular cleaning of the jewellery you can repeat the bracelet at any of the occasions.

Store Them Correctly

Other than cleaning them on a daily basis it is important for you to store the gold plated bracelets in proper place so that they do not come into the contact with the outside air and atmosphere. Keep them in storage boxes and keep them in separate boxes for saving the bracelets from scratches and marks on them. In fact you can also keep them in the boxes by wrapping them up in soft cloth like velvet so that no bumps happen to the favorite bracelet pieces of yours. See the reaction of the guests when you wear your favorite piece of bracelet at any of the future occasions.

Colour the Bracelets From Time To Time

Even if you keep them in boxes wrapped up in soft cloth, still some amount of discoloration may happen to the bracelets which are gold plated because when you are wearing the bracelets it is coming in contact with the atmospheric air hence gets discolored. It is important to take the help of a professional jeweler in the case of giving the jewellery a layer of color to it. From time to time it is necessary to recolor the gold plated bracelets to keep the shine and brightness as it is.