Rules You Must Follow While Wearing Statement Jewellery

The best way to bring life to an outfit is by properly accessorizing it with jewellery. What can be a better way of adding spark to your dull and boring T-shirt or dress than by pairing it with some statement, bold piece of necklace or earring? Statement pieces of jewellery are exceptionally eye-catching and give you a lot of scope to experiment and have fun with. However, the key to wearing statement jewellery is in striking the right balance and keeping it simple. Here are a few rules that you must follow when you want to experiment your style with them.

Remember That Less Is More

Statement necklaces and bold pieces must be allowed to stand out on their own. As it is they are very much attention grabbing, so you should never pair too many statement pieces of jewellery together. Wearing statement necklace along with equally bold ad chunky earrings will make you look like a total mess, since all your accessories will be fighting for attention. Instead, keep it simple and wear just one bold piece at a time. In case you still want to pair it with other accessories, make sure they are really simple and less attention grabbing than the centrepiece.

Keep It Simple

Going by the first rule, you should always remember to wear your statement jewellery with simple clothes, so as to not appear very messy or out of the line. Also, too patterned or embellished dresses are not going to complement the design of your necklace, making it appear lost in the mayhem. What you need to do is pair your statement accessories with simple dresses to bring out their lost spark or amp up the regular style.

When wearing necklaces or earrings that have multiple colours in them, it is better to wear dresses that are neutral coloured or have minimum patterns in their design.

Match The Right Necklace With The Right Neckline

It is important to match the statement necklace with the right type of neckline, in order to bring out it’s best look. The best way to make sure that your statement piece stands out from the crowd of other accessories is by wearing them with strapless or off shoulder dresses. Or, you can choose turtle necks to bring out a contrasting look.

These are some of the things that you need to remember when you are wearing statement jewellery. So get ready and be the diva of very event with your style and grace. Don’t forget to carry your smile along!