Recent Top Jewelry Trends That Are In Vogue This Season

Jewelry pieces play an important part in a woman’s life. According to industry experts, this year various kinds of jewelry are making a comeback. From stranded pearl necklaces to hoop earrings; choker jewelry to polki neck pieces, and many more jewelry items are in fashion.

You can learn about the latest fashion trends be it for accessories or for clothing from the fashion shows and events which take places in various places of the world. If you have watched the fashion events that were held in London, New York, Milan, and Paris during the Fall/Winter 2016-17 Fashion Week Even, then you might have witnessed that many old forms of jewelry items have made a comeback.

Hoop Earrings: The most popular form of earrings for 2016 was the hoop earrings. They have a large circular shape and come with various forms of designs. In fact, it can easily meet everyone’s personal tastes. But this season they have taken a different form so that it is suitable for every type of occasions like for the office and also for the street or party wear. Ethnic designs on the earrings have made it stand out.

Pearls: Whether it’s a pearl necklace or a pearl earring, it can easily add a charm of elegance and beauty. The fashion show showed that wearing long pearl necklaces in various forms are back in trend. The drop pearl earrings can go well with your traditional attire or the double-strand colored pearl necklace can go well with your cocktail dress for the party nights.

Bracelets: This also forms an important accessory. You can either go for oxidized bracelets or if you want to give a bohemian outlook, you can go for the bracelets that come with various kinds of fetish objects with them. Other kinds of bracelets which are popular among the jewelry market are the silver metal bracelets. Costume jewelry bracelets are considered as a cool trend among the youngsters and you will get to see plenty of styles like bracelets with crystals, chains, beads, etc.

Choker Necklaces: They can make you stand out from the crowd. A choker piece of jewelry can help you to look regal and it can add a charm to your look. You can customize your choker neckpiece with a long necklace in order to look stunning.

Try to mix and match your crystal jewelry pendants with long chains that can help you to play with any kind of dress you wear and look ravishing.

While the trends keep on moving from season to season, but it can be worn during the other seasons also. For example, you can easily wear the following jewelry items like the hoops, pearl necklaces, strands of chains with pearls, stone embedded jewelry, etc during the spring also.