Learn Some Hassle Free Methods of Cleaning Pearl Necklace At Home

Pearls can give a classy and sophisticated look to any wearer of pearl jewellery. There are different kinds of pearl jewellery which can be worn to different occasions. Another advantage of having jewelleries made of pearls is that it can be paired up with any kind of outfits- be it modern and contemporary or ethnic or traditional costumes. It is also known that pearl jewellery is of high maintenance and it needs to be taken care of more than any other variety of jewellery. It is also important to understand the steps or the methods by which the can be properly taken care at home, especially at home.

Following are some of the guidelines which the wearers of pearl jewellery must know to clean the jewellery at home.

Find a Soft Cloth

Use a soft cloth to wipe out the dirt and dust which have accumulated into the pearl jewellery. It is also required to wipe the pearl necklace after every use so that the sweat and other dust particles do not get accumulated onto the necklace. This can ultimately tarnish and make the pearls which are there on the jewellery gets discolored. Wipe the pearls with gentle and don’t rub them.

Use Home Made Jewellery Cleaner

For making the cleaning process easier, you may sometimes make use of commercial jewellery cleaner but this is absolutely wrong. Never use jewellery cleaner because it may damage the pearls even more. Just a dip a cloth inside some amount of water and then you can wipe the pearls gently. Ammonia is dangerous for the pearls, always remember that.

Use Soapy Water

You can also use a solution of soap and water for cleaning the pearls especially for necklaces. Mix adequate amount of water and soap and then dip a piece of cloth into it. Then gently wipe off the excess sweat and body oils which keeps stuck to the pearls that can ultimately damage the pearls and make them discolored.

Avoid Cleaning With Any Other Jewellery

While you are cleaning the pearls, try to avoid cleaning any other types of jewellery along with them or any other type of pearl jewellery too. If you are cleaning a lot of jewelleries at the same time then the pearls may get damaged and scratched which becomes difficult to remove from them. Take the pearl jewelleries like bangles and necklaces one by one and then clean them with patience as they are the most delicate pieces of jewelleries.