Learn How to Ear Bangles in Stylish and Different Ways

Bangles are one of the most essential jewellery that you will find without a doubt in every woman’s wardrobe. Also, bangles hold a special place in the hearts of married woman, since it is symbol of their marital status and also completes their everyday ensemble. Bangles are great for adding a classic feminine touch to your looks, but you must make sure to choose them in a way that they complement all your outfits and your own personality.

In the past, bangles were worn by women only with ethnic ensembles and therefore, gold bangles were so much in hype. However, the times have changed today and women can wear bangles with almost all types of outfits. Imitation bangles have become a huge trend are fashionable and practical for daily wear, since they don’t burn a hole in your pocket like the real gold and silver bangles. Today, there is not just one but many different ways of wearing bangles. Here is how you can revamp your look with angles.

Try Different Shapes

There are a lot of different shapes of bangles available today, and all of them are equally classy and fabulous. It is a great choice to buy imitation bangles of different shapes, such as wavy and squares, to pair with your western as well as ethnic attires. However, you must make sure that the bangles do not fall from your wrist. You can mix and match to create a unique effect.

Fewer or More

Gone are those days when it was compulsory for women to cover up their arms using bangles. The trend today is to wear fewer bangles and yet make a statement. This is all the more true when you are wearing bangles with western outfits. Try to go for a single statement piece or several understated ones, but ever mix and match both.


It is also important for you to make sure that you are wearing your accessories that go with the particular event. It is not at all nice to wear your accessories in a way that they go against the occasion. For example, if you are dressing up for a wedding event, you need to stack up your bangles and be gaudy with your accessories. On the other hand, when you are dressing for a formal or a more serious event, it is best to keep it light and wear as few as possible.

Now that you know the tips and different ways of wearing bangles, stock up your collection and get ready to turn heads. Be glamorous and be beautiful!