Know About the Gold Plated Jewellery Industry

Gold plated jewellery has remained a hot topic among the jewellery market. Many people nowadays prefer to buy gold-plated jewellery over gold and diamond jewellery as they cost less than the precious jewellery. It was expected that the e-commerce market is expected to grow in 2016 and this was seen with the coming up of many jewellery shops who are now venturing into the online world. The stores apart from having retail outlets in various locations are also having online platforms through which they are trying to sell various kinds of jewellery to the customers.

With the gold prices soaring high over the last couple of decades the sale of gold-plated jewellery or the imitation jewellery has gained momentum. This is because not everyone is having a high income to afford all types of jewellery made up of gold. The lower middle class and the upper middle-class people are increasingly moving towards gold plated jewellery.

The gold plated jewellery usually comes with a thin coating of gold on any type of metal base like copper or brass. They are made in such a way so that it gives the same shine as gold. From necklaces to bracelets, earrings to bangles all kind of jewellery are available under the gold-plated category. In fact, customers can get to see many designs and styles in the gold-plated ornaments also.

The gold-plated jewellery is designed in such a way so that it gives a bold yet elegant look. It can help to add the dazzle to any outfit and are ideal to be worn for parties or weddings. Buying gold-plated jewellery does not require a huge amount of investment. So, it’s apt for the lower and upper middle-class people to invest in them.

According to a study, the jewellery industry in India had a market size of around 30.1 billion USD. With the jewellery market accounting to almost 60% for the precious jewellery, the remaining 40% is going for the gold-plated jewellery market.

In the current scenario, the craze for gold-plated jewellery is getting extended. Customers can get a wide variety of gold plated necklaces which can be in asymmetrical design or boat design. For the bracelets, they can come with studded stones or only with gold plating. Wide collection of earrings is also available in gold-plated base which can come in various designs.

The gold plated jewellery market is doing great as people are finding it comfortable to invest in it. The industry is continuing to flourish as the gold-plated ornaments are long lasting and people can easily buy them.