Jewelleries to Make Your Tresses Look Beautiful for the Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are all about looking beautiful and if you are the bride then the look has to be perfect and best among all. With all the jewelleries and bridal attire, the would-be-bride must also look after her tresses and make sure that they also look great and it is also in accordance with the wedding attire and jewellery you have selected to wear. There are some specific types of jewellery which are designed to make your mane look beautiful. Try to find out the best pieces of the tress jewellery to get the gorgeous and glamorous look for your wedding day.

Following are some of the kinds of jewellery which can be worn to your beautiful and gorgeous hair with the entire wedding attire.

Khopa Pin

Khopa pin is one of the jewellery which can be worn with the wedding attire. It can also be termed as vintage jewellery too because this type of jewellery used to be worn by brides some years ago. Most of the brides also get this khopa pin as part of their heir jewellery too which have been worn by her mother or grandmother too. Make a low bun and attach a beautifully crafted khopa pin to it and see the change in your look. Generally it is found in real gold or gold plated varieties, but it can also be available in other jewellery collections as well.

Khopa Jhapta

Khopa jhapta is another kind of jewellery which can also be worn by the bride to manage her beautiful mane. Jhapta can be available in different varieties and the bride can pick up the best design of it according to the look which she is going to sport on the day of her wedding. The khopa jhapta can be put on a low bun as well it can be worn with the hair open too. It is a charming piece of hair accessory which is polished with a shiny gold tone and the design that is made on the jewellery is also attractive and eye-catching as well.


Make yourself look elegant on the day of your wedding with a traditional and at the same time a contemporary piece of hair accessory which is the damini. It is delicately crafted to its perfection that features intricate textures and designs on the jewellery. It has a lustrous gold tone as for the gold plated ones. But it is also available for real jewellery too. match the damini with your wedding attire and make yourself look appealing.