Intricate Designs of Engagement Rings to Wear On For Special Day

For lasting your love for many years it is important to gift an engagement ring which you as well as your partner can preserve for long. Diamond engagement rings are the most sold ones if you look at jewellery shops. But it is a little difficult to maintain these. It is also a dream for everyone to have a diamond engagement ting on their ring finger. But not everyone has the eagerness to invest in diamond tings for regular use and so they try to find out any other type of engagement which they can maintain for long and wear it for many years too.

In this blog you will find out some other designs of engagement rings which you can wear on the day of the wedding or you can wear it on a regular basis after your wedding gets over too.

Kundan Engagement Rings

If you want to gift your special person with the most comprehensive and complicated designs of rings for the engagement, then rings of kundan are the perfect one for you. Kundan jewellery or kundan rings have the most detailed, stunning, and intricate designs which make it special for the person who is going to wear on the day of the wedding and after the wedding are over too. Moreover kundan is a type of jewellery which can be worn with any kind of costumes and outfit. It can complement any look and you can wear it to any of the occasion you are going to attend. You can easily carry off the kundan engagement ring with a western or modern costume or it can also best suit with a traditional and ethnic dress too.

Engagement Rings of Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery is being worn by many women now because it is easy to carry and they can travel by wearing the type of jewellery too. But engagement rings can also be made of costume jewellery. costume jewellery is a type of jewellery which can be worn to any occasion and so many of the women are now inclining towards buying engagement rings which they can wear almost anywhere and with almost with different type of outfits. So it is the best option to give your partner a special gift which is an engagement ring made of costume jewellery which she will cherish for the rest of her life.

Gold Plated Engagement Rings

The most bought type of engagement rings are the gold plated ones which can also be worn with any of outfits and to every occasion too. Gold plated earrings are good replacement for real gold jewellery and so it is good to wear an engagement ring which is gold plated. Real gold rings are hard to maintain and they should be taken care of more. So it is better to wear a gold plated ring which can be easily sustained and maintained and can be worn on a daily basis.

Engagement rings are treasures for life and so it is better to choose a option which can be preserved for many years.