How to Sport Different Types of Earrings

Women love earrings. Be it statement pieces or delicate pairs or for office wear, you just can’t stop at having one. Sometimes it gets confusing to choose the right kind of earring to wear at what occasion. Here’s a guide on how you can sport different types of earrings with different outfits at various occasions.

For Office Wear

Office going women need to present themselves in a more reserved and formal way. Your appearance should not be too loud and people should not be distracted when they look at you. The best kind of earrings suitable for office wear is studs. Studs go with almost every outfit and are simple yet elegant. Stud earrings could be both metal and gemstones. Tiny hoop earrings are also suitable for office wear.

In case the office allows semi-formalwear and you want to dress up just a little more, you can go for drop earrings. They add just the right amount of sparkle but make sure they are not too bright colored. Wear subdued metallic colors such as rose gold or silver so as to not draw too much attention.

On a Date

It is a known fact that people do judge you based on your first impression, especially if you’re going on a date. Earrings and outfit go hand in hand so it is necessary you match them well. If you’re going to the date after getting off from work, you can go without any changes, just in the way you already are.

However, if you have the time to dress up before stepping out of the door, you can flaunt a dress and a matching earring to go with it. If it’s a dinner date, go for a more pronounced look. This is where you can go for the big earrings in your collection. Chandelier earrings are a good option here. However, you can go for smaller ones if you do not want to attract a lot of attention.

To a Party or Club

You can actually wear any kind of earring to the club. The earrings that you wear will obviously depend on what impression you want to leave on the people. Also, your choice of earrings will depend on what you’re wearing to the club. Hoops and studs go well with official outfits whereas big drop earrings go well with dresses and/or jeans.

The key is to feel comfortable in whatever you wear and make sure you will be able to carry the particular piece that you’ve chosen for the event. Steal the spotlight with these tips and stay fashionable.