How to Maintain Your Kundan Bridal Jewellery at Your Home

Bridal jewellery is asset for everyone. All the brides try to keep their bridal jewellery intact for long years. This is because they not only want to wear it for other occasions but also they want to keep them as a memory too. Kundan bridal jewellery is the first option for the brides when they think of getting bridal jewellery for themselves. Designs, intricate details, and craftsmanship are some of the reasons for which the brides opt for kundan jewellery. It is very much colorful and they also contain some stone settings which makes the jewellery pieces shiny and bright. This is the reason why all the brides look so much bright when they wear kundan wedding jewellery.

Care must be taken for all the types of jewellery be it kundan or any other type. If you want to keep all the bridal jewelleries intact then it is important for you to follow some steps to take care of them. The reason for taking care of the jewellery pieces is that every jewellery pieces are assets for them and they are lifetime buys for them. It is essential for them to keep them as new one so that it can be worn after the wedding ceremony comes to an end.

Here are some of the tips by which the brides can maintain their bridal jewellery made of kundan. Read the following blog to know all of the tips and tricks for the maintenance.

Keep the Jewellery Pieces Away From Direct Sunlight

It is important for the brides to keep the bridal jewellery which are made of kundan to keep away from direct sunlight because it is dangerous for it. Heat can affect the back of the stone which are attached to the jewellery pieces. They are not heat resistant and it may cause discoloration. The shape of the stones may also change. So it is important for the brides to keep the stone studded kundan jewellery inside the wardrobe.

Avoid Any Kind of Moisture for the Jewellery

It is essential for the brides to keep an account that that any kind of moisture can be hazardous for the jewellery pieces. Make sure that no moisture can attack the jewellery pieces specially the kundan ones. With the moisture of the jewelleries the oxidizing process can start and hence damage the jewellery pieces. It may also happen that the stones may come off from the jewellery pieces as well.

Keep the Jewellery Pieces Separately

Another essential tip to keep the jewellery pieces intact is to keep the jewellery pieces separately and also in separate boxes. But don’t put them in plastic as they may get reacted with the plastic. Try to keep them in wooden boxes which are much safer than plastic ones. Keeping them separately will help them to block the entry of moisture into it and it prevents corrosion to the jewellery items. Closed environments are better for kundan jewellery specially the bridal ones which are not used much.