How to Maintain the Shine and Brightness of Kundan Jewellery?

Kundan is a very delicate piece of jewellery. It is made in a very elaborate process. Hence the price of kundans is much more than other type of jewellery. This type of jewellery must be kept in good condition to maintain its designs and intricate details intact for many years. Kundan jewellery needs more attention towards maintaining them. There are some steps to clean and store kundan jewellery. Below mentioned are some specific ways by which you can keep your jewellery in place for longer years.

Cleaning kundan jewellery

The most common method of cleaning kundan jewellery is by a mixture of soap and water. Take few drops of dishwashing detergent in Luke warm water. Soak the jewellery in them. Take them out after sometime and clean the dirt with a soft toothbrush.

Use of aluminum foil to clean your kundan jewellery

In a bowl, place an aluminum foil. In the bowl put some warm water mixed with baking soda, salt and detergent. Soak the jewellery in the soap mixed water for 15 minutes. The shine is restored.

Wrap them in a piece of cloth

The kundan jewellery must be wrapped in a piece of cloth to prevent them from getting stains on them. The jewellery may also react to other materials and cause blemishes.

Erase stains with a rubber

To remove the stains on the jewellery you can simply use a rubber for this process. Just see where the stains are on the pieces of jewellery and erase them with the help of a rubber.

Use Luke warm water

Do not use hot or boiling water for cleaning kundan jewellery. This may cause damage to the piece of jewellery specially those which contain semi precious stones like opals, corals and pearls.

Dry your pieces before wearing them

Make sure that you dry the pieces of jewellery in proper manner. Completely dry your jewellery pieces and then use them. Do not wear wet jewellery because the water may accumulate on the piece and spoil it totally.

Preserve the pieces in velvet or suede cloth

If you want to preserve your kundan jewellery pieces for many years ahead, try to keep them in soft cloths like velvet and suede. This may prevent them from getting dark and getting scratched.

Avoid moisture for kundan

Kundan jewellery must be kept away from moisture. Moisture tends to darken the stone and its enameling.

Put silica pouches in the package

Put a silica pouch inside the packet where you have kept your kundan jewellery. It will prevent the piece of jewellery form tarnishing and cracking.

Brush it with powder

You can brush the kundan pieces with some amount of powder before or after using the piece. It will keep the shine of the piece intact for long.