How to Maintain Imitation Jewellery at Home?

Imitation jewellery is liked by all and so all the jewellery lovers like to own different styles, designs and patterns of jewellery from the imitation jewellery collection. One of the biggest advantages of owning different varieties of imitation jewellery is that it is long lasting and it has less maintenance. Imitation jewellery have now-a-days become a part of the vogue because it allows all the jewellery lovers to enjoy the luxury which you can get from real jewellery at an affordable price. In fact, imitation jewellery can be easily worn on regular basis because it is light in weight and also safe and secure. But it is important to take care of the imitation jewellery along with other types of jewellery as well.

Here are some of the useful tips which you must know to take care of jewelleries especially from the imitation jewellery collection.

Avoid Them from Moisture

You can use your favorite pieces of imitation jewellery as and when required by you to wear. But when they are not in use do not forget to put them inside boxes to prevent any kind of moisture coming into contact with the jewellery from the imitation collection. Any kind of sweat and moisture must always be wiped off while you put it inside the boxes after using it. try to put them inside the boxes immediately after its use. If possible try to use zip-lock pouches and not plastic boxes cause it may react with the jewellery.

Avoid Perfumes

Perfumes and deodorants are real enemies for the imitation jewellery. So always remember to use perfumes, hair sprays and body sprays before you wear your jewellery pieces. Also, try to avoid any kind of chemicals and cleaning agents which are also dangerous for the jewellery items. If you have to apply perfume, then first apply it and then wear the imitation jewellery pieces with the outfit for the special occasion.

Avoid Dust and Dirt

Again, dirt and dust is hazardous for the jewellery items especially for the imitation ones. It is also important for the jewellery wearers to avoid any kind of dirt and dust to be attached with the jewellery. It is recommended after every use to wipe off the dust and dirt which is attached to the jewellery so that it does not damage the setting of the jewellery from the imitation collection. This is the best way by which the jewellery lovers can save the setting and also the design of the jewellery from getting damaged.

Avoid Harsh Cloth

Always try to use soft piece of cloth for wiping off the sweat, dirt and dust which have accumulated on the imitation jewellery so that it does not affect or harm the jewellery. if possible you can use a piece of velvet cloth or soft cloth which will help to wipe off easily the accumulated dirt on them. try to wipe off the dust with gentle hands and don’t rub the jewellery cause the stone setting of the jewellery or the plating of the jewellery may also come off with the rubbing procedures.