How to Identify whether Your Pearl Is Real or Fake

Have you ever thought, whether the pearl jewellery, which is stored in your locker, is real or fake?

If you bought a pearl from a retailing store or from a reputed online store, then you already know the quality of your pearl. However, if the jewellery is a mere gift to you, then it is likely that you don’t know whether it is real or fake. To bridge this gap, here are some basic ways to know about the reality of your pearl.


If you are in love with pearls, then a critical look of the jewellery can tell you all about it. If you look at every pearl in your necklace or jewellery, no two pearls will look same. As the pearls are formed by nature, no two pearls have the same personality.


If you shake some real pearls together, it will create a softer and more comfortable sound. If the pearls are fake then they will create more tinny sound. Apart from shaking the pearls together, you can also hear the sandy surface of the pearl while rubbing it on your teeth. If you rub the fake pearl on your teeth you will not hear anything.

Magnifier Observer

By using a 5X or a 10X magnifying glass, you can decide whether the pearl is real or fake. The surface of the real pearl looks grainy, while the surface of the fake pearls looks like the rugged eggshell surface.


True pearls do not have a perfect shape. It is very difficult to find the natural pearls of the same shape. It is almost impossible to find perfectly round pearls. The perfect pearl is one of the rarest things in the world. This is why the round pearls are usually sold in thousands of dollars.


Even if the weather is boiling, the touch of a real pearl will give you a sense of cool. Apart from that, rub two pearls together to decide whether they are fake or real. If the pearls are fake, then they will feel smooth against each other. But, if the pearls are real, it will produce a fine powder. You can also rub the pearl on your teeth to feel its grittiness. The fake pearl will feel smooth against the teeth as well.

So, now you know how to differentiate the fakes from the real deals. Check the pearl jewellery to find whether they are made of real pearls or of fake ones. Be sure before investing any money for buying an elegant piece of jewellery made of pearls.