How to Get Your Money’s worth out of Your Gold Plated Jewellery

Women love to dress up and accessorize, especially with fashion jewellery. Gold plated jewellery is an essential part of their wardrobe and there are a lot of women who invest a lot of money in the same. However, there are also women who think of it to be a complete waste of money, since the gold plating of the jewellery seems to fade or chip off very easily. Most of the times, it is not because of the quality of the gold plated jewellery, but because of the way it is handled and used.

Here are some ways in which you can get the most out of your fashion jewellery and get the value for your money, so that you never regret buying them.

Always Put On Your Imitation Jewellery Last

It is a great idea to make sure that you are always putting on your gold plated jewellery last, after you have finished dressing up. The chemicals and ingredients of your perfumes, lotions and hair-sprays are going to ruin the gold plating of your imitation jewellery. It is therefore advised to always put on your gold plated jewellery after you have finished applying all of these. You must also be careful about anything else that might contain chemicals that will spoil the plating.

Never Wear Your Jewellery To The Gym

Another pro tip to keep your gold plated jewellery lasting long and shiny is by never wearing it to the gym or even to the swimming pools. The gold plating is going to be spoiled by the salty water and your body sweat. You must always make sure to keep your gold plated jewellery away from anything that is going to react with the layer of plating and ruin it. Your sweat and pool water are such things that can take away the lustre of your imitation jewellery and make you regret buying it.

Don’t Wash It with Soap or Chemicals

It is never a good idea to wash your gold plated jewellery with chemical cleaners or even with soap. It is just going to take away the lustre and soap is going to make your imitation jewellery appear dull and lifeless. One of the best ways to take care of your gold plated jewellery and make it last long is by cleaning it with a soft and dry cloth every time you are done wearing it. Take it off after the long day and store it in a dry place.

Keep these things in mind and you will be getting the value for your money for sure. Buy more gold plated jewellery and turn heads with your style!