How to Choose the Right Type of Mangalsutrafor Your Wedding

Are you getting married?

Apart from certain regions, wearing a mangalsutra is a tradition for many Indian brides. In the frenzy of buying clothes and shopping for the jewellery, people tend to forget all about the mangalsutra. In addition to that, as the groom’s side chooses the ornament for the bride, they, generally, do not consult her about it. Don’t make this fallacy ruin your looks for the rest of your life. Mangalsutra is a piece of jewellery that you have to wear every day for the rest of your life. So, choosing the right kind is one of the most important decisions you’ll be taking for your wedding.

Check the step by step direction, so that, you can choose the right kind of mangalsutra for your wedding.

Understand Your Culture

The mangalsutra of different culture looks differently. If you are not aware of your cultural mangalsutra, talk to someone who can tell you about it. If you don’t like the looks of a cultural mangalsutra, then talk to your in-laws about it. Most people are nowadays open to changes in the cultural requirements.

Consider a Versatile Design

You have to wear that piece of jewellery all the time, thus, it is important to choose the one design, which is compatible with the western wears. As the designs of the clothes evolved, the designs of the mangalsutra have evolved as well. Talk to the jeweller, and make your mangalsutra look more versatile. For example, using a diamond pendant can be a more versatile choice.

Choose The Perfect chain Length

Choose the right type of chain length that matches your personality. Some brides like to wear mangalsutra that seats high up their collarbone. Some others like to wear mangalsutra which is 22 inches to 36 inches long. If you are not sure about the right length of your mangalsutra, stick to the 16-inch length. The best way is to add a few extra loops of the chain. This will allow you to adjust the length according to the dress.

Pick the Mangalsutra Pendant Style

Choosing the right pendant can go a long way. Some women like to wear a pendant that is studded with diamonds and other types of precious gems. You can get creative and combine diamonds with other types of gems such as rubies and sapphire. Some women prefer to wear only the mangalsutra chain, so that, they can add the pendant according to their choice of clothing.

Mangalsutra should not only use to declare your marital status. The chain and the pendant should declare your thoughts and your styles as well. Keep this in mind while choosing the mangalsutra, and you will definitely get the best one.