How to Choose Earrings According to Your Face Cut

It is true that any look is incomplete without a perfect pair of earrings to match the outfit and occasion. Many women often choose jewellery based on their looks, colour, style or the outfit they are buying it for. One of the most important aspects, often forgotten or avoided, is the shape of your face.

It is important to choose jewellery, especially earrings, according to the shape of your face, in order to accentuate your features and bring out your beauty. Here is an easy guide on what kind of earring goes well with each type of face cut.

Oval Face Cut

Women with an oval face are considered to be blessed as they look good in every shape of jewellery and/or accessories. Your face type tends to have a narrow forehead and chin with chiseled cheekbones. Since all kinds of earrings suit your face cut, you can indulge in whatever choice if earrings you want to wear. Chandeliers, hoops or just plain studs, you can carry off every style with grace and beauty. However, you should avoid wearing very long earrings as it can make your face appear longer.

Round Face Cut

You know you have a round face when the width and length of your face is same. It is normal for these women to look a little chubby because of their wider cheekbones. It is best suited for these ladies to wear angular earrings as it gives the illusion of a little angle added to your face. Geometric shapes or drop earrings are the best option. Avoid hoops and round earrings as they won’t accentuate your look and rather blend into the shape of your face.

Square Face Cut

Women with a square face have forehead, jaws and cheek at the same width. Since you have wider jawlines, you should wear earrings that are longer and not wide. Tapered ends or curvy bottomed earrings work the best for your face cut. Oval shaped danglers or small circular earrings also complement your looks nicely.

Long Face Cut

Women with a long face should wear simple earrings. Square earrings or short circular ones complement your face type the best. Avoid wearing long earrings as they only add to the length of your face making it appear even longer.

Follow these tips and you are sure to look beautiful when you dress up for an event. Carry your style with grace and confidence and turn all heads your way.